Burning Daylight (ARP Books)


Burning Daylight, Christine Fellows’ sixth full-length studio album and first poetry collection, is now available at your local independent bookstore/record store, or you can order online from All Lit Up (Note: the album is not available on its own through iTunes—it’s a companion to the book, old school style). The album is streaming at Exclaim.ca


Christine Fellows songs are resolute, tuneful vessels filled with fully-formed characters and wondrous locations, lashed together with the spirit of collaboration and feminist intervention. They have sailed her to venues all over the world, sent her wheeling down the centre aisle of a darkened Toronto church wearing a papier maché bat head, set her down in a community centre near the Arctic Circle and a palazzo garden in Venice, Italy, and left audiences altered and amazed. In 2014, she released Burning Daylight, a full-length album of songs Fellows calls “minimalist Klondike show tunes” alongside a collection of poetry (ARP Books). She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

An avid interdisciplinary collaborator, Fellows often works with visual artists, choreographers, filmmakers and musicians to create performance works, scores and spectacles. With her frequent collaborator, visual artist Shary Boyle, she has presented internationally. Throughout 2015, Boyle and Fellows toured their latest collaboration, Spell to Bring Lost Creatures Home, across Canada, from Inuvik, Northwest Territories to Woody Point, Newfoundland.

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